Here you can find most frequently asked questions sorted by chapters for your convenience.


What rights do you offer for your footage?

A copy of our standard license agreement and current W-9 can be reviewed here. Please contact us with any further licensing questions at 818 752 9097 or email Jeff@producerslibrary.com



I am making a documentary, how do I know if a clip is premium rate or regular rate?

All clips on our website are priced at the regular rate UNLESS the phrases “Premium Rate” or “Special Rate” are included in the description field on the details page.

Example of regular rate clip: V-0908_827

Example of “Premium Rate” clip: V-0019A_001_003

For more information on “Premium Rate” and “Special Rate” pricing, please contact us at 818 752 9097 or email research@producerslibrary.com

Are there License Fee minimums?

Yes, each project is subject to a license fee minimum, with the minimum amount dependent on the project type. For television shows, each episode is subject to an individual project minimum.

For full pricing details, click here

How do I select appropriate pricing at checkout?

Once you have selected the Slices that you are interested in and are ready to checkout you will need to provide four types of information on your project: Usage, Media, Territory, and Term.

On the shopping cart page, first select the clip’s Usage or type of project from the drop down menu (Documentary, Television, Commercial, Playback/On-set Monitor/Green Screen, Other, or Museum). Once the Usage has been selected, the Media drop down menu will appear. From the drop down menu, select the appropriate Media type. Once the Media type has been selected, the Territory drop down menu will appear, select the appropriate Territory type from the menu. Once the Territory type has been selected, the Term menu will appear, select the appropriate Term from the menu. Having made the appropriate selection in the Usage, Media, Territory and Term categories, the price will automatically populate.  



What is a clip bin?

A clip bin allows you to save a collection of clips you are interested in while you browse the website. Log in or create an account in order to access full functionality of the clip bin.

For more information on how to use the clip bin, click here

How do I add clips to a clip bin?

To add a single clip to a clip bin simply click the “To Clip Bin” button on the clip’s webpage.

To add multiple clips to a clip bin at once, highlight each desired clip by clicking the square at the bottom right of the clip icon on the search results page. Once all desired clips have been selected, open the Clip Tools drop down menu at the top of the page and click “Add to Active Clip Bin" or "Add to New or Existing Bin".

For more information on how to use the clip bin, click here



Can I purchase only a specific selection of an entire clip from the website?

Yes. We call these selections “Slices.” On the clip page, pause the clip at the start point in which you would like to create your Slice. In the orange box below, click the first, highlighted, arrow icon. Advance the video to the point where you would like to end your Slice. In the orange box below, click the second, highlighted, arrow icon. Once you have designated your start and end points for your Slice, click the “Add To Cart” button. Checkout at the cart page when you are ready to purchase.

If you would like to order and entire clip, set the in point and out point at the first and last frames, respectively. Keep in mind, your license cost will be calculated based upon the amount of seconds you select.

For more information on how to use the Master Slice Selector, click here

What if I want to purchase multiple selections from a single clip?

If you would like to order multiple Slices from one clip, simply repeat the process of selecting the start and end points described above. Click the “Add To Cart” button each time you select a Slice. When you view your cart you will see your selected clips listed as Slice 1, Slice 2 etc. Checkout at the cart page when you are ready to purchase.

How do I play back my slice?

In the image timeline below the video player, there is a “play” icon that will play back the video slice from the designated in point to the designated out point.

How do I delete my slice?

In the image timeline below the video player, there is a “trashcan” icon that will remove the slice from the timeline.



How can I see footage that have descriptions but no video clips?

While we add clips to our website every week, the clips on the website represent only a portion of our vast library. If you are interested in footage that does not already have a viewable clip, please send an email to research@producerslibrary.com and make sure to include the File Name and URL for each clip you are interested in viewing. 



Which digital master formats are your clips available in?

Our clips are available in digital formats ranging from SD, HD, 2K, 4K, and 5K depending on the archival elements.

Are there lab fees? If so what is the cost?

There is total $200 minimum lab fee per order via our website.

If archival film elements are available, we can scan 16mm footage at 2K resolution and 35mm at 4K or 5K in-house for an additional fee starting at $350. Best to call us to discuss pricing.

How do you deliver master files?

Most master files are available via standard delivery, you will receive a direct download link delivered by email after the PLS staff has prepared your footage.

Some master files are available for immediate download in either SD or HD 16x9 directly from our website as soon as payment is processed. 

You can view your download links at any time in your user profile in the upper right hand corner by clicking Downloads. Download links remain active for 14 days, so be sure to download your masters as soon as possible. 

What are the specifications of Standard Definition masters?

Standard Definition footage derived from master video tape elements is captured and presented in its native format, at 29.97 fps with an aspect ratio of either 720 x 486 or 720 x 480. SD Master clips are delivered in Quicktime Pro Res 422 and are interlaced. Tools to deinterlace native format masters are commonly used in post-production or can easily be found by searching online.

I am interested in ordering DPX files of my clip, can I download them?

While we can provide DPX files for much of our footage, they are not downloadable via our website. To request DPX files please give us a call at 818-752-9097 and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

I want to order a master in a specific format, what should I do?

Please give us a call at 818 752 9097 as we can likely provide whatever format solution you need.