1962 The Day the Earth Caught Fire trailer

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The Day the Earth Caught Fire - 1962 b&w letterbox trailer - science fiction Edward Judd, Janet Munro, Leo McKern car moves through l/s of deserted Picadilly Circus - shots of other deserted London neighborhoods - man and woman get out of car in deserted London street, car then moves on - high on crowd in town square at night as it looks up to camera pov - people stand in line to be given water from tank truck - high on woman as she passes out in line and is revived by police - camera pov tracking shot as two men walk next to wall of public building - 12 second scene between Judd and Munro - newspaper printing press - newsroom - fleet of newspaper delivery trucks moves out of garage onto city street - explosion - storm blows billboards over onto moving cars at night - overturned car crashes onto its top - two men converse in London newsroom - unruly mob goes wild in streets at night - brief shots of New York skyline, l/s of Taj Mahal, London during bomb countdown - subject is end of world through combination of comet and nuclear explosion