1959 Drug Scare Film

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narcotics drug abuse educational film narrated by Lowell Thomas - directed by Gilbert Laskey boy goes to bedroom - lays on bed - c/s interior hotel - knock on door - man smiles - teenager goes in - small town street old bubble gum machine - man leaning on scale - storefront window - 2 teenage boys walk up to man - c/s exchange money for drugs - drug deal - 2 boys stand by carport - 1950 Oldsmobile car - boy runs to 1950s Jaguar convertible lifts hood - other boy looks nervous - lights cigarette - they steal the car - drive away - c/s La Brea Hospital - c/s boy w/ traffic in background - man in suit exits building doctor w/ medical bag - sets down bag to open car - boy grabs bag - man chases boy who gets into Jaguar and peels out - c/s bag - medicine bottle - smile interior seedy hotel room - drugged up kids on couch - c/s boy w/ glasses sleeping - boy throws a black (African American) kid off the couch - blonde girl enters room and gives herself a fix - shot - shooting up - e/c/s heroin in syringe - hypodermic drug abuse - addiction - Rebels - Rebellion - Youth - Delinquents