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b&w - United Nations World Health Organization / WHO / W.H.O. - UNICEF - vaccine - vaccination - international medical service / Nurse puncturing medicine bottle and filling syringe / nurses grabbing medical instruments from supply station / white male doctor standing in front of chalkboard teaching class of young black men taking notes, sitting at table with laboratory glassware, CU of doctor writing on chalkboard (slate says Ethiopia) / large group of black men, women and children wait on outside and on a small staircase / Latino women in flat brim hat behind four donkeys or mules, large pile of hay behind while bus passes by in the background / Nurse gives child injection while older man holds her in open outdoor square / man with mustache and cap holding slate / small group of young girls hold their sleeves up ready to receive injections / group of men working on a large piece of indoor machinery / technician takes x-ray of young man / Indian doctor anesthetizes patient's finger before incision, CU of bloody finger tip as doctor presses small pane of glass on finger to get blood sample, doctor tests sample / Sign reading United Nations Fraser India 87 / Woman in long head scarf carrying child to building / Woman carrying young infant, nurse examines young infant's face / Woman in sari works in lab / Lab machinery running technician stands to the side / Mother in head scarf walks hand in hand with children / CU of toddler in crib / CU of inftant's face and nurse holding spoon and bottle with a label reading U.N.I.C.E.F. Austria, nurse pours bottle into spoon and tries to feed to child / CU of toddler in crib rubbing eyes / Nurses stand to young patients in outdoor beds, view of hills and homes in background, to the right is a UNICEF poster in Polish (Poland) / shot of dirt road with fence in foreground, pickup truck on the road in the distance