1967 Hippie Love-In

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2K Scan DPX Files, HD, 16mm: D-H23_003; 3/4’’ SP: VC-0328_039; DigiBeta SD: VM-0058_036

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Hippies - Love-in - Elysian Park - Los Angeles - c/u female (possibly an actress) nicely dressed observes happening or love-in c/u stoned male hippie dancing - he makes wild gestures w/ hands and mouth, then whole body c/u African American hippie or musician - up angle to female hippie dancing wears fringed poncho - more hippies guy plays homemade stringed instrument - c/u little boy in crowd of hippies - l/s parachutist descends from sky to love-in at park - w/s hippies - man in poncho, wears straw hat, another guy w/ flowered wreath on his head - sign reads Liberation Front Vista c/u 2 male hippies dance, play instruments, c/u hippie w/ carnation flower on left ear - shows Peace sign with his fingers boy runs through crowd - hippies sitting on blankets, smoking c/u lower torso of African American male hippie dancing in skimpy outfit, short sleeveless poncho styled shirt w/o pants up angle to boy runs down & tumbles down grassy hill or knoll - w/s hippie crowd - stoned male hippie dancing c/u people watching him - hippie man in robe walks by w/ weathered torn large japanese umbrella with a tambourine around his neck - c/u children in a line dance and wave their hands - hippy - Love In - Counterculture - Hippie Culture - Blue Jeans - denim