1938 Movie Studio Production

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Part 2 of 2 - b&w short - narration - interior Selznick Studios - clip from Made for Each Other w/ Carole Lombard and James Stewart - they sit on couch and drink tea from tea cups - behind-the-scenes pov from behind camera - interior Samuel Goldwyn Studios - Gary Cooper and Merle Oberon on set of The Cowboy and The Lady - exterior Universal Pictures Studio building - cars parked along street - interior studio - songwriters McHugh and Harold Adamson at piano - sheet music - c/u Deanna Durbin sings in clip from That Certain Age - exterior 20th Century Fox Studios - sign - interior studio lot - c/u Shirley Temple walks w/ director Walter Lang - they sit and discuss role in Little Princess - exterior Monogram Pictures Studios - sign - top of building - interior studio - behind-the-scenes on movie set of Mr. Wong detective series w/ Boris Karloff - on set w/ director William Nigh - exterior up angle to Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios - sign - stage 8 sign - clip from Great Waltz - orchestra plays - h/a down to full crowded dance floor - couples waltz around (directed by Julien Duvivier, also Joseph Ruttenberg won Oscar for Best Cinematographer) - montage of movie industry - interior studios, production crew, camera crew, editing film, names of famous movie theaters Rialto, Vogue, Mayfair, Strand, Majestic, Alhambra, Palace, - c/u newspaper production, typewriter, press, newsprint - c/u clothing & jewelry displayed - costumes - behind-the-scenes on set - c/u saw cuts lumber to build set - m/c/u interior studio - researchers in research department