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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - color - home movies - mos - 1950s - behind-the-scenes - c/u Lauren Chapin (child star of Father Knows Best TV show, plays role of younger daughter, Kathy or Kitten) on boat bound for Santa Catalina Island w/ unidentified couple, probably her parents - pan Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, California, buildings and dock pov from boat - c/u Chapin smiles to camera, waves - Chapin w/ woman, possibly mother and unidentified man, possibly father - e/c/u Chapin smiles to camera, Chapin reads script aboard boat, gets her sunglasses cleaned by attentive man - actor or unidentified man lifts Chapin near boat rail, she looks scared for a moment - speedboats follow tourist boat - various c/u shots of Chapin - publicity c/u smokestack of small ship, white smoke from stack - wake water splashes - several shots - moving pov Avalon Bay, harbor, large round Casino visible on shore - pan shoreline, skyline small island community, hills homes, yachts moored in harbor - boat arrival, people, actors, tourists exit ship, go down gangway, graphics Santa Catalina visible - c/u Chapin sits and eats w/ woman and man , possibly other actors or parents - woman smokes - m/c Chapin on shore, does hula dance - (last couple shot are on Beta but not VC)