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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - color - home movies - mos - 1950s - behind-the-scenes television show filming of Father Knows Best w/ celebrities - Robert Young plays Jim Anderson, Jane Wyatt plays his wife, Margaret Anderson, Elinor Donohue plays older daughter, Princess , Billy Gray plays son, Bud and Lauren Chapin plays younger daughter, Kathy or Kitten - filming TV show on studio backlot at lake site - production crew at work, Gray on small row boat on lake, large fan visible for wind effect - movie camera visible - c/u cameraman, brief b&w insert of show of scene just filmed - actors, crew at dock of lake, Young and Wyatt w/ daughter Princess in small boat - scene w/ Donohue where she holds on to wooden pier while boat slips away from her, she stretches out while trying to hold on, Young tries to help her from pier m/c Bud helps Princess out of water to pier - two crew members wade in waist deep water brief b&w insert of same TV scene from different angle, Princess falls into water, Young and Bud look from pier - color - Young pulls Princess out of water, her attempt fails, she remains in waist deep water - walks by camera, drenched or soaked, c/u as she smiles to camera then gives champion sign, clenched hands to each side - c/u Chapin’s feet w/ puppet toy which moves around - Chapin pulls puppet up for c/u shot to camera - c/u Chapin poses w/ unidentified small lady - c/u Wyatt and unidentified possibly actress as Japanese sun umbrella twirls behind them - m/c/u Bud w/o shirt, poses for camera, flexes muscles, gives strong man pose w/ arm up - main actors walk off pier