1937 Shirley Temple

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Publicity for Shirley Temple - b&w w/ sync sound - newsreel - at 20th Century Fox studio backlot - c/u Temple in real miniature car - she drives car around lot (various shots) then parks car and goes into building publicity for Temple in Palm Springs, California as she picnics w/ friends on the grass - plays badminton w/ friends publicity for Temple at airport - c/u Temple as she counts 7 candles on her birthday cake m/s Temple receives first Oscar Award honor at Academy Awards ceremony presented by Irving Cobb scene from So Baby Take A Bow (1934) - dances w/ James Dunn - may need special clearance scene from Little Colonel (1935) - dances w/ Bill Robinson - may need special clearance c/u Shirley Temple on stage at Academy Awards is presented Oscar trophy by Irving Cobb, she thanks him, and say Mommy, can I go home now? - audience laughs b&W c/u montage of Shirley Temple stills w/ Eddie Cantor at Wee Willie Winkie premiere, c/u w/ scarf on her head - on boat on Hudson, c/u playing badminton, c/u scene from movie (needs clearance) - c/u receives Oscar trophy, c/u in real toy car c/u Temple in real toy car waves to camera