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V-0031F_021 BetaCam SP 00:53:34 00:57:04 BB-0003_004 16mm

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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - color - home movies - mos - 1950s - behind-the-scenes television show filming of Father Knows Best w/ celebrities - Robert Young plays Jim Anderson, Jane Wyatt plays his wife, Margaret Anderson, Elinor Donohue plays older daughter, Princess , Billy Gray plays son, Bud and Lauren Chapin plays younger daughter, Kathy or Kitten - pan interior TV soundstage, lighting equipment, production crew, filming show - h/a down to Wyatt cooks in kitchen, on TV set, Young and Wyatt in kitchen w/ Gray - camera crew, stage - makeup applied to Gray by male makeup artist - on location in Hollywood, street corner gas station, actors and crew arrive in city bus, exit bus, eat food on break - unidentified woman eats donut, drinks coffee - outdoor catering line - crew unloads equipment, cameras - c/u man or director talks to other crew members - c/u director or producer, unidentified man talks to Gray and Donohue who wears red scarf on head - style, fashion - c/u Young talks to director - man on set at gas station, leans on car and talks to female actress - c/u Wyatt and unidentified female, possibly script supervisor or script girl - lady smokes as she sits w/ script - c/u Young takes cigarette from younger unidentified actor, actor lights cigarette for young - scene set at Ace Gas station - Hollywood food mart visible across street in b/g - various behind-the-scene shots during filming - cameramen, crew at work, observers, actresses talk, 5&10 cent store visible in b/g - c/u cameraman looks into his camera - c/u food served on tray