WWII American Patriotism

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PLSNFA-057_001 16mm, DigiBeta

Standard Definition Master available for immediate download

(Many shots available 2K DPX and HD on NTV-0061_002) b&w educational narrated war documentary - 1940s - American patriotism - American involvement in World War c/u children pledge allegiance to American flag - stand w/ hands over hearts h/a down to school yard full of students pledge allegiance to flag - pan to American flag waves in breeze World War II montage - brief clips war scenes w/ American flag in b/g war action - battleship at sea, carrier - guns fire - military plane takes off U.S. Marines, soldiers attack shores of various Pacific Islands New Guinea - shirtless soldiers with artillery - explosion - Aleutian Islands - sea plane lands - jungle warfare machine gun fire - c/u military pilot - up angle to spy planes - aerial gunner interior plane pov Burma, soldier in jeeps along road, convoy - Iceland, skiers down slope Philippine Islands, soldiers, marines approach shore - Iran, convoy - France, air-to-air paratroopers U.S. soldiers in China, walk in line - Italy - Europe, soldiers in mountains at lookout African American soldiers at front-line - infantry - w/ and w/o shirts - wear helmets - fighting - explosions c/u soldier's faces - one looks through binoculars - c/u medic or military doctor - soldiers fight on foreign shores- New York City - up angle to c/u Statue of Liberty - pan mountains, ocean swell, waves - WW2 - WWII (Many shots available 2K DPX and HD on NTV-0061_002 that film clip has jump cuts pieces missing so this SD Version still online)