Jayne Masnfield

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CR-610509_002 16mm

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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w newsreel - mos - The King and I premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Hollywood, California - celebrities, exterior - night - street w/ two klieg lights that rotate - searchlights - Cinegrill neon visible in b/g, dusk - w/s Graumans Chinese flashing neon marquee - pov from across street - marquee reads - Rodgers & Hammerstein's King and I - Deborah Kerr and Yul Brynner - cars drive past front of theater, celebrity arrivals - m/c and c/u Jayne Mansfield (star of 20th Century Fox's It Happened in Athens) and husband Mickey Hargitay walk past lobby microphone, look to camera - smile and pose for camera then walk away, m/c/u celeb couple, Ken Scott (star of Star of the West) and Shiela Kayne - Stephen Boyd (star in Cleopatra w/ Liz Taylor) and Hope Lange (star of Wild in the Country) - male actor shows tickets to premiere event - Marie McDonald arrives w/ escort Edson Stroll (Prince charming in Snow White and Three Stooges), c/u Gardner McKay shows off his tickets - c/u celebs Diann Baker (star of Lion of Sparta), Charles Brackett (producer) and Leticia Roman, new actress in G.I. Blues w/ Elvis Presley, m/s master of ceremonies or M.C. Johnny Grant interviews blonde female celeb, Juli Redding ( Miss Eight Ball of 1961), (event presented by Eight Ball foundation of L.A. Press Club - Grandeaur 70 premiere)