La Dolce Vita Premiere 1960

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CR-610713_001 16mm

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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w newsreel - mos - La Dolce Vita premiere - Beverly Canon Theater - various Hollywood celebrities c/u unidentified male celeb smokes - c/u Donna Reed (out of focus) - c/u unidentified young female celeb w/ Bubble hairstyle, big smile c/u Natalie Wood arrives, smokes cigarette on long holder, escort lights her cigarette c/u George Jessel - tuxedos c/u celeb couple holds hands - c/u Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in crowd outside theater, they shake hands w/ Jessel - c/u Robert Stack with wife Rosemarie - c/u Robert Horton smiles, talks to Keenan Wynn c/u Edgar Bergen and wife Frances - c/u Kirk Douglas arrives w/ wife - c/u John Ireland, character actor two of the Ritz Brothers e/c/u Red Buttons w/ date - c/u actress Cara Williams - c/u male actor Barry Sullivan w/ date or wife - c/u Sullivan c/u Steve Cochran at ticket booth, wears tuxedo, walks towards camera - c/u Dorothy Malone w/ husband or date c/u older male celeb - e/c/u same man - tilt down to woman's legs in heels, people in reception area, lobby Federico Fellini