Can-Can Premiere

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CR-600310_001 16mm

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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w newsreel - mos - Can-Can premiere - various Hollywood celebrities attend night - l/s Carthay Circle Theater, klieg lights light the sky - c/u tilt up to Carthay Circle Theater neon marquee for Can-Can large crowd in front of theater - c/u Shirley MacLaine signs autographs for young male fan - MacLaine surrounded by fans c/u two flash photographers w/ cameras, face camera - no flash visible Steve Allen interviews arriving celebrities, c/u Allen interviews Edward G. Robinson who arrives w/ Nanette Fabray h/a down over large crowd in front of theater - c/u Sammy Davis Jr. interviewed, talks, laughs, smiles, looks to camera c/u tilt up to flashing Can-Can neon marquee - m/l Robinson and his party arrive at premiere at curbside l/s Carthay Circle Theater, klieg lights rotate, e/c/u flashing neon marquee - w/s and m/l exterior front of theater w/ overhang marquee, gathered crowd below at entrance - celebrities arrive, female celebrities wear fur stolls - good fashion, hairstyles c/u Connie Stevens arrives at curbside w/ Ray Foster, she signs autographs for teenage fans, mostly girls c/u Natalie Wood w/ Robert Wagner, they pose and look to camera - m/c Barbara Nichols w/ escort Mike Connelly, she wears leopard jacket - Sy Devore arrives w/ American Indian Skeika Yellowhead m/c Kirk Douglas w/ wife and other female - m/c w/s Louella Parsons w/ Jimmy McHugh c/u Tommy Sands w/ bride Nancy Sinatra in fur jacket, they smile and pose for camera c/u middle-aged celeb couple arrives - c/u Merle Oberon arrives w/ escort Bruno Pagliai - various celeb couples arrive arrivals Dinah Shore w/ George Montgomery, Simone Signoret w/ Yves Montand, May (Mai) Britt w/ unidentified male celeb, Fred MacMurray w/ wife June Haver (MacMurray smokes and c/u as he signs autographs for fans), and Jerry Nathanson w/ Patricia Owens, Dr. Lee Seigel w/ wife Noreen Nash & other unidentified couples m/c man and woman w/ young lady (Carol Ranken) w/ ribbon pinned to jacket, stand outside, hold posters for movie Can-Can - m/c Shirley MacLaine w/ male escort composer Jimmy Van Heusen in tuxedo and hat - c/u MacLaine smiles, laughs w/s exterior front of Carthay Circle Theater, crowd in front - h/a down MacLaine signs autograph, uses top on man's head to sign m/c up angle to flashing Can Can sign on tower built to look like French Eiffel Tower - great w/s and l/s of premiere at theater w/ klieg lights across sky