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CR-591231_002 16mm, 3/4 SP

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b&w newsreel - mos - New Year's Eve party - 1959 or 1960 - interior ballroom - c/u orchestra or band plays - musicians m/s celeb couples dance, balloons fall from ceiling, couples kiss - c/u female w/ strapless dress - m/s band leader waves to camera, says Happy New Year - h/a down to couples dance - large dance floor - people wear party hats - four men or musicians in tuxedos, one African American man waves noise maker - c/u band members - musician arranges sheet music - h/a down couples on crowded dance floor - m/c couple does rock and roll dance steps - c/u trombone players c/u band leader kisses female celeb or entertainer - she kisses other musician - e/c/u trombone player - c/u feet tap or keep rhythm of music - c/u George Liberace (brother of famous Liberace) - Liberace sings, smiles, snaps fingers to music, holds his violin - pan to band leader - c/u drummer in fancy latin outfit - piano player, accordion player - couples sit and pose by Liberace - c/u happy couples w/ noise makers - one female puts lei around Liberace's neck, then kisses him overlay montage of clarinet player, accordion player, c/u couple looks to camera as they dance, young couple dances rock n' roll - c/u bass player - festivity