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CR-187943N_003 16mm

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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w newsreel - mos - b&w newsreel - Scent of Mystery premiere party at Ciro's nightclub on Sunset Strip, Sunset Blvd. various Hollywood celebrities interior banquet room - buffet table - m/s celebrity Larry Finley holds plate, helps unidentified female - cu female celeb, Liz Renay w/ big necklace - c/u buffet server serves food onto plate, photographers m/c Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood in formal attire - Wood is served food at buffet table - she smiles to camera Wagner holds plate, c/u appetizers or hor d'oeuvres - 1960s fashions unidentified celeb couple at buffet table - c/u meat on plate, - c/u female singer in band c/u George Hamilton and Susan Kohner dance - c/u George Jessel and Gail Robbins dance c/u Jessel and Robbins dance together - c/u unidentified female celebrity couple dances c/u torso of female singer, wears tight fitting sequined dress, moves to rhythm of music while performing w/ band c/u unident couple applauds - m/s singer Katrina Renne sings on stage, wears full length evening dress - 1960s styles c/u Renne sings and holds long note - c/u Roger Smith, Edd Kookie Byrnes and two unidentified men m/c Nina Anderton or Anderson, Charles Coburn, Katrina Renne and Peter Lorre together c/u Lorre and unidentified female celeb w/ tiara - c/u Coburn and Anderton