Newly Found Vietnam Protest Footage at Producers Library

November 2020

Yet another treasure from the film vaults of Producers Library can now be seen online. The Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam was the first nationwide movement in opposition to the Vietnam War and this newly found footage chronicles the sizable rally in San Francisco on November 15, 1969. The protest drew a quarter of a million people from diverse backgrounds wielding vibrant and often humorous signs in protest. In addition to this demonstration, footage of a later protest capturing 1971 San Francisco counterculture was found as well.

The vivid color of these historic events was captured on 16mm Kodachrome stock which has now been scanned at 2K resolution. With a total running time of over 45 minutes, the newly available footage joins Producers Library’s substantial collection of footage from the era.

For information on licensing, pricing and to view the clips, visit or contact them at, 818 752 9097