Kodachrome Footage of Medellin, Colombia in 1960

June 2021

When Pablo Escobar and the Medellin drug cartel established a foothold in Medellin, Colombia, earning it the moniker of the most dangerous city in the world, it was a rapidly growing city full of traders and laborers in the midst of it’s economy's industrial evolution. Producers Library presents newly scanned footage shot in 1960 that depicts bustling street life, architecture and automobiles of the era. Moving POVs through busy streets give a sense of what it was like to live in Medellin in 1960. In addition, high angle shots overlooking the sprawling metropolitan area showcase the city’s high-rises and the seven hills that surround it.

The vibrant color of these historic events was captured on 16mm Kodachrome which has now been scanned at 2K resolution. Over 50 clips of the newly available footage join Producers Library’s considerable collection of footage documenting the history of the war on drugs.

For information on licensing, pricing and to view the clips, visit www.producerslibrary.com or contact them at research@producerslibrary.com, 818 752 9097