RFK with Cesar Chavez

December 2017
Hollywood-based Producers Library has unearthed in its vaults rare footage of Robert F. Kennedy’s visits to California in 1968. The spectacular footage captures Kennedy’s visit with president of the United Farm Workers (UFW), Cesar E. Chavez, along with co-founder of UFW, Dolores Huerta, when Chavez broke his 25 day long hunger strike in Delano, CA on March, 10 1968. Among other highlights is captivating footage of Kennedy’s presidential campaign visit to the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles in March 1968, as well as footage of his speech during the star-studded “Kennedy for President” fundraising gala at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on May 24, 1968, just a week before his assassination.


These historic events were captured in vibrant 16mm color, much with sync sound, and have now been scanned at 2K resolution. The newly available footage totals nearly 5,000 feet and runs over 2 hours and 15 minutes. It joins Producers Library’s already existing 2 hours of RFK footage and is available immediately, coinciding with the upcoming 50thanniversary of his death.


For information on licensing, pricing and to view the clips, visit www.producerslibrary.com or contact us at research@producerslibrary.com818 752 9097