Sharon Tate, model and actress, reached the rare heights of 1960s iconic beauty as evident in these 1968 color home movies shot by her personal cameraman Shahrokh Hatami. These candid scenes capture Tate at her Hollywood home, at a pool party with friends and celebrity hair stylist Jay Sebring, posing as a model, and behind-the scenes while filming "The Wrecking Crew" co-starring with Dean Martin. One scene shows her husband, director Roman Polanski, relaxing in-between takes as Tate readies her makeup for a coming scene. She met her husband on the set of Polanski's over the top dark comedy The Fearless Vampire Killers. The movie trailer for that film and Tate's Valley of the Dolls as well as Tate appearing at Hollywood events of the period are also archived here at Producers Library. Sharon Tate's dramatic rise to stardom was tragically cut short by the infamous Charles Manson Family in 1969. 

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