Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood’s most cherished and recognized movie star throughout the world is seen in rare film archival footage and stills at 

Producers Library, known as the “go-to” stock footage archive for Hollywood and entertainment history, covers over one hundred years with both footage and stills of movie stars, movie studios and their moguls, premieres, parties, Oscar arrivals, behind-the scenes filmmaking, the television industry and movie trailers. 

From her first appearance in a 1950 Union Oil TV ad to her untimely death in 1962 Producers Library covers the gamut of Marilyn Monroe’s famous career in Hollywood. Her first break came after a 20thCentury Fox screen test in 1951 and the rest is literally history. MM plays in twenty-two movie trailers held by Producers Library, including All About Eve 1950, Niagara 1953, How to Marry a Millionaire 1953, River of No Return 1954, The Seven Year Itch1955, Bus Stop 1956, Some Like it Hot 1959, and The Misfits 1961. Besides movie trailers, Monroe can be seen behind-the-scenes on the set, on location and in home movies.  We have Academy Award winner director Billy Wilder filming Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot at the Coronado Hotel 1959 in San Diego. While the feature is black and white the behind-the-scenes color film here at Producers Library shows Monroe in a sparkling blue sequin dress. Tony Curtis and daughter baby Jaimie Lee were also captured on camera at the Coronado set. In 1961, to the surprise of those in attendance at recently deceased Clark Gable’s son’s Christening, Marilyn arrives in a svelte black dress with white gloves, walks right next to the camera and glances directly into the lens. 

Producers Library holds over five hundred films of movie premieres. Klieg lights, crowds of movie fans and limos discharging stars in their gowns and tuxedos epitomize the glamour of Hollywood.  Our black and white footage of Monroe attending the 1953 premiere of Call Me Madam with TV host Ken Murray shows her waving to her adoring fans. Again Marilyn Monroe shines along with co-star Lauren Bacall in our unique color footage of the premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire.  Dapper Humphrey Bogart is there as the perfect escort but all eyes are on the two ladies, especially Marilyn.  Another unique glimpse from Producers Library of one of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities.

MM’s marriages to Joe Dimaggio and Arthur Miller, as well as her entertaining the troops via the USO during the Korean War are well documented in our archival footage on-line.  Archived footage at Producers Library shows Monroe meeting Queen Elizabeth II and singing her infamous Happy  Birthday song to John F Kennedy.   Newsreel summing up her life and a headline questioning the mystery of her tragic death reveal what a true impact Marilyn Monroe had on the public in the middle of the 20thCentury.

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