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Video Duration: 00:05:57
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Period Depicted: 1962
Format: 16 mm
Additional Copies:
2K Film Scan DPX Files, 16mm CR-620101_001, HD Full Frame, HD Pillar Box, DigiBeta CRV-0016_020
PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w mos newsreel - Twisting Grandprix at the Peppermint Lounge West nightclub, Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, Southern California, interior night club - c/u young crowd lined up & clapping and moving to the music - c/u man w/ microphone sings & does twist dance - sign above says "The Five Trebles" dance band, man & woman twisting alone on dance floor while crowd watches, another male singer at microphone - does twist steps - audience claps & moves to music at sideline of mos Mae Murray (famous Hollywood silent screen movie star) seated at table near dance floor - young man sings & dances twist alone then takes bow & sits across from Murray, Peppermint Lounge West dancers - two men & one woman (with big french roll hairstyle) - she falls on knees & bends back doing the twist with her upper body - Mae Murray claps hands, c/u female dancer's upper body twisting then pans down her body - good c/u torso twisting shot, c/u lower body of female dancer twisting with bare feet on top of piano - man stands on his head next to her & shakes