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Video Duration: 00:02:10
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Time Code Start: 03:11:00
Time Code Stop: 03:13:10
Period Depicted: 1960
Format: DigiBeta
Additional Copies:
CR-600130N_002 16mm
PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w newsreel - mos - "Jack The Ripper" Hollywood premiere - Director's Guild (DGA) on Sunset Blvd - various Hollywood celebrities - c/u searchlight or klieg light rotates - Mel Torme behind Police Gazette - c/u Larry Finley holds "Jack The Ripper" record album jacket - c/u Jayne Mansfield w/ Mickey Hargitay interviewed by Finley - c/u Jackie Cooper w/ unidentified female celeb (possibly Anne Francis) - c/u Bobby Darin hugs and kisses neck of unidentified female celeb - c/u Fabian w/ date - Jimmy McHugh w/ unidentified female - Louella Parsons & McHugh - Fabian w/ unidentified female - Finley & Parsons hold album jacket or cover - Joseph Levine w/ Lang Jeffries, Parsons and McHugh - hold up Police Gazette newspaper publication - buffet table w/ crowd - Jackie Cooper, Darin, and unidentified female talk, they smoke - c/u Darin - c/u Jim Backus and unidentified man joke around w/ cocktail waitress dressed in 1890's outfit - c/u cocktail waitress w/ Mickey Hargitay - Mansfield in b/g - c/u Ronnie Lorren w/ Mrs. David Janssen