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Time Code Start: 01:30:47
Time Code Stop: 01:33:21
Period Depicted: 1949
Format: DigiBeta
Additional Copies:
VM-0149_008 1" 01:30:47 01:33:20 VC-0590_008 3/4" 01:30:47 01:33:20 PLS16MM-0277_005 16mm
Los Angeles - West Hollywood - L'Aiglon Restaurant on Sunset Blvd. - Sunset Strip Hollywood Blvd. at Christmas - c/u cars and traffic by - metal Christmas trees w/ painted snow and lights line both sides of the boulevard - street activity - buildings - pedestrians - cars to camera - police directs pedestrians - man walks dog across street - establish Hollywood First National building entrance - pan to right past traffic light w/ wooden changing "Go" to "Stop" sign c/u red car - decorations above and across street of Santa Claus continue down Hollywood Boulevard establish Dolores Restaurant / Drive In on Sunset Blvd - Sunset Strip - parked cars at drive-in - hillside home visible in distance c/u store front reads "Fountain Grill" and "Vitamins, Hormones" - perhaps pharmacy or health store