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Video Duration: 00:01:34
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Time Code Start: 00:16:07
Time Code Stop: 00:17:41
Period Depicted: 1938
Format: 35mm
Additional Copies:
4K Film Scan DPX Files, 35mm PLSUCLA-M18319_011, HD Full Frame, HD Pillar Box, BetaCam SP VM-0290_011
b&w documentary on events leading up to WWII - cu Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, Chief of Political Bureau of the Nazi Party, audience reaction - low angle Nazi flags on left of frame and church towers on right, soldiers put Nazi flag on church top - soldier breaks up commandments stone - m/c/u Star of David on wall with smoke and flames in foreground, interior destroyed church - Newspaper headlines - "Nazi's Storm Cardinal Faulhaber's Palace", "Pastor Niemoeller Sent To Prision Camp", "Pastor Wiesler Is 'Suicide' In Nazi Jail", "Nazi Germany Jails Priests, Friars And Nuns" - ms German soldiers paint "Juden" and a Star of David on window, more newspaper headlines - "Nazi's Vent Rage On Jews", "Riots All Over Germany", "Mobs Kill, Loot And Burn", "1500 German Pastors Imprisoned In Homes" - cu of Dr. Goebbels, c/u of Julius Streicher, c/u Hitler seated in audience, c/u stained glass of Jesus Christ.