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Video Duration: 00:00:39
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Time Code Start: 1:25:28
Time Code Stop: 1:26:00
Period Depicted: 1930s
Format: DigiBeta
Additional Copies:
VM-0353_037 1" 01:25:20 01:25:59 VM-0353_037 1" 01:25:20 01:25:59
b&w newsreel 1930's mos - Great Depression story - vegetables for a haircut - barber patriot accepts produce and wheat to aid farm relief - Sparta Michigan. Line of men standing outside barber shop - holding bags and baskets of produce - interior of barber shop - 2 men get haircuts - numerous men in waiting area of shop - bag and baskets of fruits & vegetables at their feet - man gets up from barber chair and is brushed off - pays barber and change given - money - unemployed walk down sidewalks - then toward camera