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Video Duration: 1:19
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Time Code Start: 10:04:55
Time Code Stop: 10:06:14
Period Depicted: 1937
Format: DigiBeta
Part 4 of 4 - A Star Is Born - screen test - Trocadero - Oscar Award - presentation ceremony - Director, William Wellman - Frederic March, as Norman Maine - Adolphe Menjou as Oliver Niles - Janet Gaynor as Esther Blodgett - Owen Moore as Casey Burke - "Eighth Annual Awards of Merit Banquet" sign - ha on banquet hall - Menjou and Gaynor at table - lines of golden statuettes, Oscars - emcee, master of ceremony presents actors - he congratulates Gaynor - back of seated woman with black chiffon shawl over her head