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Video Duration: 2:44
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Time Code Start: 4:06:22
Time Code Stop: 4:09:06
Period Depicted: 1937
Format: DigiBeta
"A Star Is Born" trailer (1937) - various scenes and behind-the-scenes from movie - brief w/s Hollywood skyline night - title graphics over - pan Hollywood Hills day - Hollywood skyline from hills with car visible on road from Yamashiro Restaurant - h/a swimming pool, sunbathers and swimmers - couple jumps into pool at Ambassador Hotel - night ws Trocadero restaurant nightclub on Sunset Blvd. - "Sunset Strip" - ms Brown Derby restaurant on Wilshire Blvd. - h/a Santa Anita racetrack -with race in progress - horses race by on track past scoreboard - interior Selznick International Studios soundstage with crew, lights - man in hat sits at desk in f/g and smokes cigarette - c/u Janet Gaynor sits for makeup - c/u make-up artist's hand starts to apply lipstick w/ brush - extra lines on eyebrows - Frederic March in tuxedo holds bottle of champagne - looks sad or pensive - behind-the-scenes - interior soundstage at Selznick Studios - workers visible - director William A. Wellman directs near camera - "A Star is Born" scene w/ Gaynor and March - m/c Wellman in director's chair with other crew nearby and lighting equipment in b/g - Wellman directs March, tells him to be very tender, earnest, sincere, and rather quiet for the next scene - tells cameraman "Are you ready Duke?" - gives command to start filming "Alright, roll 'em!" c/u March walks to Gaynor at poolside and kisses her - w/s interior large Victorian dining or banquet room - c/u Gaynor on stage at microphone, holds Oscar Award statue - c/u angry March talks to audience on stage at ceremony - c/u March, Adolf Menjou in tuxedos at hotel or restaurant bar - bartender pours drink - alchohol - liquor - exterior mountains as car pulls trailer by lake - camping - Americana - c/u sideview Gaynor drinks glass of milk - smiles and laughs - publicity - c/u March peeks from behind door with shirt off - exterior night - March fights with man at curbside - c/u glamour shot of Gaynor w/ large brimmed straw hat w/ flowers winks offscreen - fashion - c/u March dressed in suit and tie - c/u Menjou in bed in pajamas talks on rotary telephone - May Robson on stage with two unidentified men speaks loudly into microphone - says "Can you hear me?" - c/u Andy Devine screams "Quiet!" - c/u Lionel Stander at desk w/ typewriter in office - c/u Edgar Kennedy - m/c two boxers fight in boxing ring - referee - c/u March and Gaynor walk through crowd - photographers with flash cameras - paparazzi - backs to camera - c/u Gaynor walks to camera in black veil w/ sad expression - someone lifts her veil and she screams, then cries - emotions - w/s night Hollywood skyline with city lights and stars in sky