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Video Duration: 00:04:42
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Time Code Start: 1:14:38
Time Code Stop: 1:19:20
Period Depicted: 1941
Format: BetacamSP
Additional Copies:
VC-0811A 3/4"
PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE "Hollywood Local" -short documentary promo on 1941 Disney animators strike - part 2 of 2 - good strike footage of pickets w/ signs shot by John Hubley - interview w/ strike leader and the animator of "Snow White" Art Babbitt - he describes bribe by Walt & Roy Disney through the mob - for him to lay off and give up the strike - Gunther Lessing the Disney legal counselor hanged & guillotined in effigy - cartoonists labor union later joined IATSE - Dumbo sign -"I Won't Work For Peanuts" - signs about Chicago Mafia mobster gangster Willie Bioff