1937 Nothing Scared trailer

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Nothing Sacred trailer 1937 - w/ Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connelly, Frank Fay Troy Brown, Sig Ruman, Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom m/c Lombard and Marsh in large bedroom - Lombard tries to punch Marsh in face while he holds her she misses him and he grabs her and keeps her from falling - c/u Lombard sits at dinner table in beautiful stylish dress w/ fabric that drapes over her hair - flower fabric corsage at collar - c/u Marsh seated at table looks sad - wears tuxedo aerial of New York City - monoplane or prop plane over Manhattan skyline (hazy shot) ground shot of pigeons fly up and away in city square - up angle Manhattan building & partial skyline male construction worker reads newspaper while he sits high on steel girder w/ view of Manhattan below sailboat sails by on Hudson River with city skyline in bg - skyscrapers including Empire State building visible in distance h/a down to Lombard presented an award surrounded by men dressed in suits, tuxedos and two men wear top hats l/s people in b/g throw streamers in celebration c/u Lombard seated at table sips champagne, some spills as she takes her glass - wears blue sleeveless dress c/u Marsh as he peeks from behind large flower arrangement and speaks about someone as he points his finger c/u Winninger sings - wears a towel around his head and sings song c/u Connelly seated at desk, looks very mad, yells as one eye closed shut c/u Fay as announcer, introduces Lady Godiva - c/u female w/ sparkling blond wig seated on white horse c/u Ruman seated in chair, speaks - c/u Brown, African American man dressed in ornate robe and turban w/ jewels, w/ white long beard and white mustache - c/u Rosenbloom speaks on telephone up angle to sign for Selznick studios - reads Selznick International Pictures Incorporation m/l establish Selznick Studios white colonial house w/s stage scene from David Copperfield movie - w/ large globe turning - and other characters (possibly 1935 version, scene from 1937 movie A Star is Born - high angle down night shot of boxing ring with boxers and audience scene from Nothing Sacred w/ c/u Lombard and Marsh kiss four times - c/u Lombard and Marsh look wet, soaked or drenched - they argue