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CR-187943N_002 16mm

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PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - b&w newsreel - mos - Scent of Mystery premiere - Hollywood Boulevard - various celebrities exterior - night - Ritz Theater marquee for Scent of Mystery - c/u Larry Finley speaks at microphone in theater foyer as he interviews various celebs - unidentified blonde female celeb - m/c valet workers, klieg lights c/u Finley interviews two unidentified male celebs - c/u photographer, paparazzi c/u Finley interviews Mike Todd Jr. and Jack Oakie c/u Finley interviews unidentified male celeb - wears hat c/u unidentified older couple - m/c two couples stand and pose - c/u Todd Jr. w/ Mr. and Mrs. David Niven c/u Finley interviews other unidentified celeb couple c/u Finley interviews Joseph Pasternak - c/u Peter Lorre - c/u Finley talks to Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner c/u Wood and Wagner smile, look happy c/u Finley w/ Sherry Jackson - Finley interviews Louella Parsons w/ Jimmy McHugh, Clint Eastwood w/ date, Beverly Aadlana and escort - c/u George Jessel w/ glamorous Gail Robbins c/u Jimmy Boyd and date - he kisses or whispers into her ear - they laugh c/u Connie Stevens and Mike Connelly, they kiss funny - c/u Spike Jones next to man who checks his camera (Earl Leaf) - c/u Linda Christian and Floyd Simmons arrive c/u unidentified celeb w/ fur stole arrives - c/u fans cheer and wave w/s full screen of Ritz theater neon marquee for Scent of Mystery - straight ahead - exterior w/ crowds