1930s Great Depression

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PLSNFA-038_016 16mm

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b&w newsreel - documentary on employment of African-Americans - w/ narration - New York City - Harlem - Great Depression era - c/u sad man lies on street - c/u discouraged man sits - woman reads newspaper, looks for work - unemployment - c/u man sits with head on hand - despair - impoverished people - two men talk on street - exterior employment agency - employment board lists jobs, only two cards - man looks at products outside corner store - his hands in his pockets - has no money to buy - men and women in breadline - pan cu faces - mostly African-Americans - Federal Government work program - m/c African-American man works at machine - woman, teacher at blackboard - pan family, man holds toddler, hopeless faces in breadline - young African-American female looks hopeful, happy as she works at typewriter, smiles - c/u desperate and hopeless looking African-American man - contrast - c/u accordion player - pan c/u of faces in breadline - contrast - c/u artist in studio, framed portrait of African-American girl seated in chair - man and two women work in art studio - workers hold bricks as one begins to lay bricks on ground, construction - people work in kitchen, serve food, soup - woman smiles as she feeds toddler - unskilled laborers on street - laborers outside construction hut stand and wait for work - men run, excited, receive work employment - m/s African-American laborers remove rocks at construction site, machines, dump truck, gravel laid down - New York housing demolition project - h/a down to laborers tear down tenements, m/s level shot pan tall buildings during demolition - bricks fall through wooden shoot to be reused - W.P.A. or Works Progress Administration - w/s workers at Colonial Park in Harlem - workers construct huge swimming pool - community project - work on bath house - skilled workers - African-American workers saw, move lumber - w/s completed swimming pool, recreation center - m/s children play in pool, splash around, swim - lifeguards - leisure - diving board - divers - pov from behind diver - young boy gets treated by nurse, leg injury - Park Improvement Project - wading pool, small children play in playground - children slide down slides, swing on swings, climb on jungle gym - interior nursery school, small children, preschoolers - c/u boy on hobby horse, teacher plays w/ doll along w/ girls - m/c children eat eat at table, c/u preschoolers eat, wear bibs - c/u nurse gives small children medicine, boy swallows liquid medicine - w/s children in cots, rest, nap, c/u of faces as they sleep