1930s Great Depression

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b&w newsreel - California - migratory families on the highway - westward migration - dilapidated cars filled with people and overflowing with belongings strapped to car - car pulls trailer past camera - two cars away from camera - temporary camp set up by migrant families - shanty houses with people in f/g - c/u shanty with man chopping in f/g - large family in their shelter - car - woman cooks pot of beans out doors while family looks on - c/u head of woman and man - migrant workers harvest fruit - man on ladder picks fruit from top of tree - men dump apricots in boxes - row of clean houses - old car drives towards camera - family pose in front of new home - man sits on soap box, eating at table, wife holds baby - children walk in street - four men work in cotton garden - children play with large ball on lawn - two women pick flowers from front yard, little boy enters gate in f/g - little boys walk in shady street - Great Depression - Okies