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Search Tips


The following search tips will produce faster, more accurate results when searching with a specific keyword to find a certain photo, film, or video footage.

  • Add similar keywords or synonyms to your video or film footage search. Example: If “movie star” results in very few results, try “celebrity”; for "rural", try "countryside"; for “airplane”, try “jet” or “plane”.
  • In an advanced search, narrow down the footage archive by choosing the exclude refinement. Example: "ships" exclude "military"; or "Roosevelt" exclude "Teddy."
  • To look for only b&w clips, just type "b&w" along with your keyword(s) in the regular search box. Example: "football b&w". You also can manually select this choice at the advanced search page.
  • For timelapse sunset, search our time lapse stock footage holdings by using both “timelapse” and “time lapse” as keywords.
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • You can pick only one time period from the drop-down menu per search.
  • As we continue to add content, our online holdings will expand to include current and vintage clips, stills, news footage, and other materials for post production. Footage will be available for viewing and ordering online
  • Once you have saved a bin, you cannot add more items to that bin. However, you can save an unlimited number of bins, if you want to designate one for high def stock footage, one for stills, etc.
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