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How to Order Stock Photos and Stock Footage Clips Online

If you have received a DVD screener from us, download a Master Order Form from our website and fill it in using the time codes on the screen. If you'd like to order stock photos, download and fill out a Still Photo Order Form. Forms can be emailed or faxed. Otherwise, follow the directions below to place an order for stock footage clips.

Pick in and out points

Make sure to log in. Find the clip you wish to license. Pick an in point and out point using the on-line editor found on the details page of the clip. There are several ways to do this.
  1. Type the time code in the in-point and out-point windows. You do not have to wait for the clip to load.
  2. Once the clip has loaded drag the QuickTime scroll bar to your desired in point. Then click on the green in-point button. Do likewise for the out point.
  3. 1.Manually click the up and down arrows on the editor to mark the in and out points.

Add to Bin

Click "Add to Bin. The "Bin" page will then display the master time codes that correspond to your chosen QuickTime in point and out point. The master time codes will be different than the QuickTime time codes.

  • If you "Add to Bin" without editing a clip, its entire duration will be indicated by your order.
  • You can edit clips either before or after adding them to your bin.
  • If you need to order more than one clip from the same file, you need to write the time codes down for each clip, as the editor overwrites each new clip added to the bin.
  • Be sure to save your bin.

Submit Order

  • Fill out the order information below the bin. List all pertinent information regarding rights, who will be signing the agreement, and shipping information.
  • You may order footage in any format, including BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCam, DVCPro, MiniDV, 35mm, 16mm, or high definition stock footage.
  • Click on Submit Order. The corresponding time codes and file name for each clip will be emailed to us. You will receive a confirmation email. We'll verify your order by phone, make arrangements for payment and licensing, and will have your order ready promptly.
  • You can also fill out a PDF version of the order form and fax it to us. We accept only those orders which indicate hour, minute, and second time codes; we do not accept time codes with frames.

We have a large amount of contemporary and archival footage. If you are looking for clips and/or licensed photos that you cannot locate on the site, just call us! We are here to answer your questions. We can also help you with research and footage licensing. Because we are increasing our content holdings every day, we may be able to supply new or archival stock footage that is not currently part of our online library. Producers Library can be reached at (800) 944-2135 or (818) 752-9097. When you need to enhance your feature, commercial, or documentary, trust Producers Library for high-quality stock movie clips, trailers, newsreel footage, stills, and more.