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Video Duration: 00:00:27
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Time Code Start: 0:00:00
Time Code Stop: 0:00:36
Period Depicted: 1930s
Format: 16mm
Additional Copies:
2K Film Scan DPX Files, HD Pillarbox, HD Full Fram, PLS16MM-1820_004 16mm, BetaCam SP
b&w - newsreel - mos - prohibition - interior bar, saloon - speakeasy - men and people drink at bar - bartender serves customers - c/s man drinks opaque beer mug - gangsters - interior courtroom - c/u unidentified man or gangster looks to camera - c/u same man talks to other man, possibly lawyer or attorney - h/a horse racetrack - closer on two race horses and jockeys go by - h/a Al Capone w/ man and woman at track - shots of Capone w/ his entourage - Capone looks up to camera briefly