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Video - Film Footage - Stock Photos



Having trouble finding the clips or stock photos that you're looking for? Because our video and film archive is so vast, we recommend using the following tips to refine your search. Using the "+" and "-" signs will include or exclude criteria.

  • Include = All terms entered will be included in the search. Example: “New York City taxi” will search all four keywords, producing fewer results than just “New York City” or “taxi” alone.
  • Match Phrase = The exact phrase will be searched as is. Example: “behind the scenes” or “Rat Pack.”
  • Exclude = The term entered will be excluded from the search. Example: “time lapse storm clouds” exclude “dusk” or “awards” exclude “Golden Globes.”

You can also search for specific keywords by time period, file name, or format, including BetaSP, DigiBeta, DVCam, DVCPro, MiniDV, 35mm, 16mm, and HD stock footage. Please note that all clips are color unless noted as b&w in the description. For more information about which keywords to use when you search for photos, video clips, or film footage, please see the Search Tips page. The staff at Producers Library is available to assist with any search and may be able to locate clips or photos that are not yet available online.

The majority of our content is organized into categories such as newsreel, location, feature outtake, entertainment, nature, war stock footage, etc. Please see these pages for more information. From Hollywood stock footage to footage of historic and current events, Producers Library is the place to find the materials you need to enhance your next project.